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In today’s competitive real estate market, it is important to set yourself apart. What makes our company unique is in our customer relationships. We take pride in handling every opportunity with class, what’s most ethical and profitable for our customers. Our team is motivated and committed to working hard and achieving the best outcome for the transaction.

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“Before joining CW Realty, I was working in real estate with another company and a little confused on what direction to go. I felt a calling on my heart to continue working in real estate and trying to help my family financially, but where I was didn’t have much structure and I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I worked mainly from home and all of my customers were solely people I know personally. Making the transition to CW Realty…not going to lie…was really scary. I wondered what people would think. But I focused on where I was headed and what was best for me and my family and just prayed a lot. I would definitely say I have gotten more POSITIVE feedback while transitioning than negative. Many people said “You’re now with Charnelle….what a good fit…I can definitely see you over there.” That made it much easier to keep moving!! ūüôā Since joining CW Realty, I definitely feel better and more organized.

I feel more focused and supported in whatever I’m trying to accomplish. I feel like everything is going smoothly. There are some days I struggle with my own fears and doubts, but I’m really happy and proud of my decision. I’m thankful for the opportunity and I really see God working in my life and blessing me more and more. “

“Before coming to work at CW Realty, life was a lot more hectic. My schedule made it very difficult to spend time with my kids. My kids and I are very close, so being apart was very difficult. Both kids would constantly tell me they were praying for a better job for me. It was probably the most difficult time we’d had in several years, I was exhausted mentally and physically. So, when Charnelle asked me if I would be interested in working at CW Realty, it was definitely an answered prayer. I gave a two week notice and was very excited to start on the new path God had laid before me. For the first time in my life I had a job that my family was happy about and proud of. Being a single mom is really tough and you want to know that you can provide for your kids and do things for them.

This job has changed our lives! It is providing stability, a consistent work schedule, consistent pay, and most importantly allowing me to spend more time with my kids. Personally, it just makes me happier in general….it provides a Christian environment where I feel cared for and encouraged on a daily basis. I truly believe this job was God-sent and is such a blessing in my life. I love my CW Realty family!”

“I first started my real estate career with a competitor & I must say it was a huge mistake. Family friends owned the brokerage. I really thought they would help me jump start my career. As a brand new agent fresh out of school, you pretty much know what you cannot do. You do not have a clue how to do basic things like writing a listing agreement or sales contract. I was totally on my own! This was pretty terrifying as a new agent. I have been an agent with 2 very large real estate companies in the past & I can say my experiences there were very cut throat. The competition is very strong within big companies. I had to pay desk fees, monthly fees, copy fees, education materials and buy our own signs.

I had a broker whose door you didn’t dare knock on & I have had a broker who was willing to help but was so busy that it was difficult to meet with him. Charnelle is easily accessible most times & reminds you that no question is a stupid question. The support staff at CW Realty is not only helpful & friendly but knowledgeable as well. I never dread going to the office as I have in the past. I truly believe this makes a huge difference in your job performance & customer service. In this business you most likely will not provide your customers with the service they deserve if you are not in a positive environment & happy.”

“Coming from a similar sales postion, the tranistion was not difficult. Sales is simply relationships; people already know what they want, they just need some guidance in narrowing down the best option for their situation and personality. No job is rainbows and butterflies all the time, but when you pick a career that fits you and have an employer and support team who work with you rather than against you, your level of success will reach new heights. God knew what he was doing when He sat me down in Charnelle Whittemore’s office. An interview was not what I walked through the door looking for, but I walked out with a job offer and am so thankful for His timing. Great leadership starts from the top. Working for Charnelle Whittemore is a breath of fresh air. She is genuine and has a passion for people, especially her own. We look to her for direction, not only in terms of business needs, but also in related behavior, ethics, and standards. With many companies it’s understood that the top person is off limits, enclosed in their glass tower. Not here. Our broker interacts, she gets to know us and learns about the problems we are facing on a day-to-day basis. She is real and honest. Leaders are often expected to hide their emotions, but getting to know her has built rapport and trust. She has such a passion around her vision with this company. It is such a joy to share that vision. These ladies are my soul sisters and I am honored to represent them in everything that I do.”

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